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Nightdubbing ‘Frontline’

Most of the stuff that lands in the office comes via one of the countless PR companies peddling their wares, but nothing beats stuff from the horse’s mouth. Liverpool’s Dig Vinyl record shop have just set up a label called… oh, come on, really? Dig Vinyl Records.

First fruit is this mini-album from Nightdubbing, which is genre-mashing, funk-fuelled, disco… hang on they used one of my quotes on their website… “House piano chops mix, soul vocals, disco licks, swirling funk moves, rave choons, brass horn sections, locked down grooves…pick of the bunch..the ghostly disco of ‘You Want Working On’ is a cracker,” I said.

The first run has almost sold out, if you want to pick one up hurry over to

Underworld ‘Long Slow Slippy’

Got a package from Smith Hyde Associates this week. Just when you think Underworld can’t wow you any more… die-cut sleeve, lovely 180g vinyl… You’ll know the track from ‘Trainspotting: T2’, if you’ve seen the film you can’t miss it, but this version is vinyl-only. Woozy and intoxicating, it’s a reworking of ‘Born Slippy (Nuxx)’ and, to be frank, it’s audacious. Only Underworld could do something this good. First pressing went in the blink of an eye. Pre-orders are being taken for second pressing at

Racey ‘Lay Your Love On Me’


Racey ‘Lay Your Love On Me’

Never entirely sure of the first single I ever bought, but I think it’s this one. I know almost nothing about Racey… Hang on… *googles frantically, making this writing about music lark look like a lark indeed*

Let’s start again. Racey, who I know lots about, were on the receiving end of being the first single I ever bought. Their songs, turns out, were co-penned by quite famous writer/producer duo Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn who were responsible for the likes of The Sweet and Suzi Quatro. ‘Some Girls’, the follow-up to this was, apparently, originally written for Blondie. Chapman, see, produced ‘Parallel Lines’. Can’t imagine it watching this, can you?

The pair wrote a ton of stuff, including another song penned for Racey, called ‘Kitty’ that ended up becoming Toni Basil’s ‘Mickey’. Chapman, turns outs, went on to produce The Knack, Bow Wow Wow and later period Altered Images. It always comes back to Altered Images with me, eh? So from what I thought was a slightly embarrassing admission of my first single, I smell of roses. Brilliant.

I imagine I saw Racey on ‘Top Of The Pops’, liked the song and somehow laid my hands the single. I have no idea where the cash from. It was 1978 and I didn’t get my paper round until 1980. Got me thinking my kids will never know the concept of music being finite… or the joys of the paper round. I needed the paper round to fund my record buying right up until I was 16 when I cut out the middle man and landed a job in a record shop.